Keratin for skin, hair and nails

Keratin supplements for hair skin nails

If you want soft, shiny hair, strong nails, and healthy skin, there is one nutrient that you need to add to your daily beauty regime: keratin.

Keratin is a fibrous protein that is made up of various amino acids that, when combined, have unique properties. Depending on the levels of the various amino acids, keratin can be soft, as is the case with our hair and the outer layer of our skin, or hard, like in our finger and toenails. Several critical cell functions also involve keratin, including the transport of materials within cells, the regulation of cell size, cell growth and cell division.

Here’s a closer look at the role of keratin in the hair, skin and nails:


In our hair, keratin makes up 90% of each strand, contributing largely to its strength and flexibility. Keratin is in both the cortex (which contains the pigment that gives your hair its colour) and the protective outer layer of the hair called the cuticle. Further reading: Natural hair care


The skin has two layers: the epidermis (the outer layer) and below that, the dermis. Keratin is the main component of the epidermis and makes the skin supple (and waterproof), while also protecting it against getting torn. Keratin is also important to wound healing because it helps to hold skin cells together. Further reading: Natural treatments for dry skin


The rigidity of our finger and toenails comes from 3 layers of keratin that are cemented together. Our nails are tougher than our hair and skin because the keratin fibers that make up nails are so much more dense. 

Why do we need to boost keratin?

As we age, our bodies produce less keratin plus our circulatory systems also change, so less keratin is delivered to our hair, skin and nails. Exposure to pollution, UV rays and chemicals can also damage the keratin that is already there. 

Thankfully, taking a keratin-based supplement like her and his Encore, can really help to enhance the condition of hair, skin and nails. This clinical trial showed that keratin is capable of improving hair and nails in 90 days or less. And in this study, patients who took a keratin supplement gained significant improvements to their skin compared to those who took a placebo.




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