Apart from iron, zinc is the most abundant trace metal in the body. It is important to keeping our immune systems strong, is essential to healthy brain function, and contributes to the activity of more than 300 different enzymes. 
Zinc also plays an important role in the health of our skin—here’s how:

Helps to deter acne breakouts
Acne is a common skin condition that develops when a buildup of oil, bacteria and skin cells block pores. This causes the skin around those pores to turn red, and become swollen and tender. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, zinc can help to control that inflammatory response. And also, because zinc regulates cell production and turnover, it may help to lessen the amount of oil produced by the skin, and keep the pores from getting clogged in the first instance.

Taking zinc may lead to a visible improvement in acne for zinc-deficient people. The link between low zinc levels in the body and acne was first established in the 1970’s and has been extensively studied ever since. One study published in 2014, compared the zinc levels of 100 people with acne and 100 with clear skin, and found a correlation with lower zinc levels and how severe the acne was in those suffering with it. Find out more: 7 tips to reduce acne

Fights the signs of ageing 
Zinc is a component of one of the most powerful antioxidants—superoxide dismutase—which helps to keep free radicals from damaging healthy cells. Free radicals are some of the main contributors to premature aging. Zinc also protects the fats in our skin, and the cells that make collagen, from irritants such as stress, UV light, and environmental pollution.

Assists with skin healing 
When you cut or tear your skin, zinc plays a part in every phase of the healing process. First, to control inflammation and protect against infection the amount of zinc in the skin surrounding the wound increases. Zinc then helps with maintaining the structural integrity of skin tissue and, finally, the regeneration of new skin cells. 

The top layer of our skin contains more zinc than any layer underneath, and because zinc isn’t stored for long periods of time in the body, it’s important to make sure you have enough to support the growth of new, healthy skin. Our convenient her and his Encorē capsules contain a beneficial dose of zinc in each serving to cover your daily needs.

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