New year, new you!

Every January feels like an opportunity to become a better person: healthier, more productive, in control. The noteworthy thing about New Year’s resolutions however, is that many people abandon them. But that not's to say that we can’t change, it’s just that change can be hard.

Acknowledging that it will be tough to stay on track doesn't mean that you lack willpower. It means you're being realistic. For every commitment that you take on you must give something up. Going to the gym 4 nights a week will mean fewer hours with your family or less time to devote to your hobbies. Plus, a gym membership will cost money. So, before you start working towards your goals, make sure you're ready to make the necessary sacrifices.

Because mistakes are sure to happen along the way it can also help to plan ahead. By recognising the challenges that could cause you slip-up, you can also create strategies for overcoming them. Rising above the blunders and getting back on course is what make people successful at sticking to their resolutions. Seeing missteps as they are—detours rather than permanent failure—is key to long‑term success.

You will also enjoy a better chance of achieving your goals if you have the right attitude. Rather than thinking that you might not be able to ‘make the grade’, put yourself in a position of strength by recognizing everything that you have already achieved. It is also necessary to believe that you’re entitled to success. If you have trouble with this, ask yourself if your partner or best friend would deserve to get the rewards of meeting their goal. 

Another way to keep yourself motivated is to give yourself a deadline. Deadlines can help you to keep you striving towards your goal when the going gets tough. They are also empowering, because they can help you to realise new levels of output and performance as they closer.

Set a deadline for your goals. Think through what you will have to give up in order to reach them. Anticipate potential setbacks and plan how to overcome them. Then make a start.



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