kiwifruit and lime mocktail mojito recipe

Kiwi, lime & collagen mojito

7 days ago
If life gives you lemons, return them, ask for limes and make mojitos. Say goodbye to isolation quarantini's and re-energise your body with a zesty vitamin C packed spritzer, the refreshing Kiwi, Lime & Collagen Mojito. 
Immune boosting alkalising green smoothie recipe

Immune Boosting Green Smoothie

15 days ago
Wellness starts on the inside, begin your daily routine and set yourself up for success with our alkalising & nutrient dense green smoothie. Get your glow on and go green with this ultimate immune boosting recipe. 
Strawberry delight collagen gummies

Strawberry Delight Gummies

May 7 2020
There is nothing better than a heart-felt gift. Show how sweet you really are by surprising Mum with these delicate heart shaped, clean treats for Mother's Day. Made with all her favourite nourishing ingredients and lots of love, our Strawberry Delight Gummies are gluten-free & dairy-free with an added boost of collagen powder. Her daily Qt fix just became more delicious! 
snickers fudge recipe

Snickers Fudge

May 7 2020
Snickers Fudge is the ultimate chocoholics clean treat! Make a big batch and keep it in the freezer for when those sneaky chocolate cravings hit. Packed with nourishing ingredients, the whole family will enjoy our healthy version of a Snickers Bar.
soothing body scrub

Soothing body scrub

April 29 2020
Take self care to a new level with a natural body scrub. This soothing, collagen scrub is 100% natural and easy to make at home. Contains rose powder to reduce redness and regenerate skin tissues and Bellē with lotus and tremella to calm, hydrate and heal. This scrub is great for soothing any dermal conditions that might pop up as a result of stress.
Coffee collagen body scrub

Detoxifying body scrub

April 29 2020
Double up on your collagen benefits with a detoxifying scrub to cleanse and purify with a sneaky added dose of hydrolysed marine collagen. This natural body scrub contains coffee to energise skin, while improving blood circulation and Beaū powder with activated charcoal to cleanse, detoxify and renew the skin.
Low sugar ANZAC biscuits recipe

The Best ANZAC Biscuit Recipe

April 21 2020
Lest we forget. ANZAC day is a time for tradition, to celebrate and honour the past and to form new traditions with our families. Here's a delicious healthy recipe that is packed with nutritious ingredients, gluten free and low in sugar. A favourite NZ recipe that is quick and fun to make with kids.
Healthy Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Bread Brilliance

April 15 2020
Is there anything better than warm, toasty banana bread with lashings of butter? Our recipe is so good we guarantee you'll be reaching for a second slice! Qt banana bread is gluten-free, dairy-free and packed full of nourishing ingredients (yes chocolate chips definitely count). The addition of Bellē powder gives this healthy treat an added nutrient boost so you can look after your health and boost your immunity in the most delicious way yet. Our brilliant banana bread will have you feeling more youthful with every bite! 
Beau Collagen Iced Coffee Recipe

Honey Cacao Collagen Iced Coffee

April 9 2020
Make your morning coffee into a luxe daily ritual. We have supercharged your daily caffeine hit with nutrient packed ingredients including honey, cacao and Beaū powder, high in protein with maca and activated charcoal.
Cinnamon Collagen Pancakes with Qt Internal Cosmetics Belle Collagen Powder

Cinnamon Collagen Pancakes

April 2 2020
If protein pancakes are your go-to recipe, you'll love these cinnamon collagen pancakes, trending as a fave foodie recipe for 2020! This recipe can be made in under 10 minutes and is plant based, gluten free, refined sugar free and a good source of protein. The addition of Bellē powder adds a boost of nutrients including high potency Vitamin C and marine collagen to protect your immunity and give your hair, skin & nails a radiant boost. 
Youthful, immunity booster

Youthful, immunity booster

March 27 2020
Spice up your daily dose of collagen and boost your immune system with this delicious recipe!
Collagen Powder NZ

Iced elderberry, echinacea & fig collagen tea

March 23 2020
Our Elderberry, Echinacea & Fig iced tea is the perfect tonic to boost immunity and detox your system. Look after your loved ones with some Qt Internal Cosmetics, containing premium marine collagen for luminous skin, hair and nails. Our collagen powders can be enjoyed mixed into your favourite beverage or recipe, this iced tea is high in Vitamin C and antioxidants to boost your winter wellness.
Raspberry & passionfruit  collagen spritzer

Raspberry & passionfruit collagen spritzer

January 20 2020

A refreshing drink that is great for your skin.

Passionfruit bliss balls

Passionfruit bliss balls

October 10 2019
These dairy free treats are great for an afternoon pick-me-up.
Mint choc chip smoothie

Mint choc chip smoothie

September 26 2019

Our creamy mint & chocolate smoothie tastes decadent but is actually super good for you!

Chocolate collagen brownies

Chocolate collagen brownies

July 19 2019

This recipe delivers on richness and also benefits your skin!

Coconut chia pudding

Coconut chia pudding

July 5 2019
Check out this delicious coconut chia pudding recipe loaded with fresh fruit and muesli.
Pink pitaya beauty bowl

Pink pitaya beauty bowl

June 24 2019
It tastes as good as it looks! Check out our latest recipe for this tasty pink pitaya beauty bowl.
Acai smoothie bowl

Açaí smoothie bowl

June 7 2019
A flavoursome and easy‑to‑make smoothie bowl.
Glowing green smoothie bowl

Glowing green detox bowl

May 17 2019
A delectable smoothie bowl that is packed full of skin‑loving nutrients.
Lemon and blueberry dairy free cheesecake

Lemon and blueberry dairy free cheesecake

May 3 2019
A delicious dairy free cheesecake that will leave you wanting more!
Mango and banana smoothie bowl

Mango and banana smoothie bowl

April 26 2019
An easy‑to‑make, satisfying and sweet smoothie bowl.
Gluten free banana blueberry bread

Gluten free banana blueberry bread

April 10 2019
Try our collagen‑infused, banana blueberry bread. It's perfect for a guilt‑free treat.
marine collagen powder

Passionfruit & coconut chia pudding

January 25 2019
Great for breakfast, as a snack or dessert.
Acai & coconut cheesecakes

Acai & coconut cheesecakes

January 17 2019
Our delicious no-cook cheesecake with a creamy top and almond/coconut base.
Blueberry & coconut smoothie⁣

Blueberry & coconut smoothie⁣

January 9 2019
This yummy smoothie is packed with loads of body‑loving nutrients.
New Zealand marine collagen smoothie recipe with chocolate and cherries

Choc-cherry smoothie

January 9 2019
Craving a flavour explosion? Try this scrumptious sugar-free smoothie.
Strawberry & coconut passion banana ice cream

Strawberry & coconut passion banana ice cream

December 13 2018
Treat yourself this summer with this healthy dairy‑free ice cream.
New Zealand marine collagen powder mango and chia breakfast parfait recipe

Mango & chia breakfast parfait

October 23 2018
Looking for some breakfast inspo? Try our our mango and chia breakfast parfait.
Banana & passionfruit smoothie bowl

Banana & passionfruit smoothie bowl

October 23 2018

Here's a yummy smoothie bowl recipe!

Coconut passion cashew ice cream

Coconut passion cashew ice cream

October 23 2018
Coconut passion cashew ice cream 🍦 perfect for this hot weather!