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 "I have been taking Belle and encore for about 5 months now and the impact it has made on my skin, hair and nails is unreal. I often get asked does it really work ? And trust me I would not brag about something unless I truly thought it did! Qt for you is by far my favourite product and has changed my life and quickly became a routine that I do daily I have got my friends hooked and my partner is obsessed with Beau even the difference I can see in him is fantastic".

Gennedy Sharpe


BEFORE taking Bellē

           AFTER 4 weeks of taking Bellē


“Here is a raw beginning to end story of my journey with Qt (it has a happy ending 😉). The pictures speak for themselves really!! As you may have heard me say before how “shook” I was when I looked at the before and afters, even just after 2 weeks I was literally like is this real life because that shit is insane! The first thing I noticed was how much brighter my skin was then it slowly started to clear, even my fine lines and pigmentation started minimising. I wish soooo badly that I took before and after pics of my hair because this was another HUGE difference I’ve had whilst using Belle, my hair hasn’t grown this much since I was pregnant. Not to mention the growth of my nails, the fullness in my lashes, I have even noticed my cellulite is vanishing!! This truly is magic and I would now be lost without it. With using Belle I have still kept up a strict skincare regime as I do still get breakouts, I have never in my teenage/adult life had completely clear skin. My diet isn’t the best and that normally shows through my skin also, so by taking an internal cosmetic it truly has done me wonders!”

Ashlee Whipps



 BEFORE taking Bellē

 AFTER 4 weeks of taking Bellē


“I’ve never really felt that supplements have made a huge difference to my body so I’ve kept clear of them. I’ve been using @qtforyou for 3 months as an internal cosmetic and I’ve seen so many results already. I take Beaū and Encorē, they work together to develop muscle and aid recovery and keep your skin looking like you’ve been dabbling in a bit of work 😉. Check out these photos for me 3 months ago vs now”. 



BEFORE taking Beaū

  AFTER 4 weeks of taking Beaū


"I have used Qt Bellē powder and Encorē for 1 month now and I am onto my second month! 
After one month of using both products I have noticed a huge difference in the brightness of my skin, the darkness around my eyes has brightened, my skin looks a lot less dull and has more colour now than before using qt products! Overall, I am feeling a lot more confident in my bare skin now more than ever. My main concern was how dull my skin was and how dark my under eyes were, now that Qt has brightened my skin I am feeling very confident and comfortable wearing less/no makeup. Being a makeup artist it’s so important to feel good in my own skin too! I am excited to see what Qt does for my nails now that I have had my acrylic nails removed. I have also noticed that I have been sleeping a lot better! I am getting to sleep a lot faster and feeling a lot more rested over all. Qt has helped with my confidence so much and I look forward to seeing more results! " 

Chelsea Ellis


BEFORE taking Bellē

    AFTER 4 weeks of taking Bellē


“Check out these photos taken makeup free 7 weeks apart .I’ve been taking Belle from @qt.foryou which is an internal cosmetic for 7 weeks now to improve my hair, skin and nails and I’m stoked with the results. I am having way more makeup free days because I’m feeling a lot more confident with how my skin is looking. Hair is looking bloody long all of a sudden too, so I’m definitely gonna keep going with my daily dose of @qt.foryou 💓”. 

Quinn Alexandre


BEFORE taking Bellē

  AFTER 7 weeks of taking Bellē