Beaū & Encorē w/ Hydratē Crystal Drink Bottle

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Beaū & Encorē have what you need for vital, healthy-looking skin, and now you can add the power of crystals into your wellness routine with our Hydratē Crystal Drink Bottle.

Beaū contains a mixture of skin and body-loving collagen, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants to support your good looks and health from within.

Encorē has a unique blend of all-natural ingredients designed to complement Beaū and enhance your results.

The Hydratē Crystal Drink Bottle range includes 9 different crystals to choose from, each one having different therapeutic properties.


This package includes:
Beaū x1.
Encorē x1.
100% natural. Gluten-free and dairy-free.
Beaū has 220 grams per container.
Encorē has 60 vege capsules per container.
30-day supply.

Hydratē Crystal Drink Bottle x1.
Glass and stainless steel.
Holds 500ml.

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Why Take Our Products?

We want to take a different approach to skincare. QT products contain the highest quality all-natural ingredients designed to enhance your natural beauty from within. With clinically proven results, the ingredients we source really work.

Bovine collagen is rich in amino acids and is clinically proven to promote muscle tone, repair and growth, as well as improving skin quality. 

Marine collagen help maintain the skin’s ability to retain moisture and suppleness, while protecting against environmental factors such as UV rays and low humidity. Our marine collagen is hydrolysed, which makes it easier for the body to absorb. Marine collagen has been clinically proven to counteract skin ageing by reversing fine lines and wrinkles.

Blackseed helps the body defend against pathogens by boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation and fighting infections.

Maca is rich in protein, amino acids and other vitamins and minerals that are essential for supporting healthy skin, hair and nails. Maca is also known to boost testosterone levels, enhance libido, and increase stamina.

Activated charcoal is known to eliminate toxins and chemicals in the gut. This allows essential nutrients to be absorbed into your body leading to a brighter complexion.

Vitamin C maximises the body’s absorption of nutrients and helps protect your skin from harmful free radicals.

All Ingredients

How To Use?

A single glass is all it takes.


Features Of Our Products

100% Natural

Every product is carefully developed using all natural ingredients

NZ Made

We are 100% committed to making high quality products right here in New Zealand

Real Results

We stand by the results of our innovative products, clinically proven real results

Internal Cosmetic

We want you to enhance and protect your beauty from within

Cruelty Free

Our products have not been tested on animals

GMO Free

We provide quality products which are ecologically friendly