Bellē Encorē

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With its unique blend of all-natural ingredients, Encorē capsules are an effective and convenient addition to your health and beauty routine. Encorē is designed to not only soften fine lines and wrinkles and strengthen your hair and nails, but also reduce the signs of acne and help with hormone regulation.

To enhance your results, take Encorē with Bellē.


  • Anti-oxidant rich: protects skin from free radical damage
  • Contains keratin to nourish and strengthen hair
  • Vitamin C and Blackseed boost the immune system
  • Raspberry leaf can help support hormone balance 
  • Marine collagen enhances digestive health

60 vege capsules per container. 30-day supply.

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Active ingredients

We want to take a different approach to skincare. QT products contain the highest quality all-natural ingredients designed to enhance your natural beauty from within. With clinically proven results, the ingredients we source really work.

Tremella is a mushroom recognised as one of the best tonic herbs to help maintain skin health, by supporting skin hydration on a cellular level.

Lotus is extremely high in antioxidants and can reverse the signs of aging, leaving your skin looking brighter and more youthful.

Keratin is a key component of skin, hair and nails and helps protect against environmental factors.

Collagen has been clinically proven to counteract skin aging, while reversing fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C maximises the bodies absorption of nutrients and helps protect your skin from harmful radicals.

Magnesium supports muscle recovery and immune function, while helping to reduce acne and skin allergies.

Blackseed helps aid in pathogen defence and is an overall body tonic.

Red Clover slows down aging and promotes youthful vitality.

Raspberry Leaf is a herb known for its hormone regulating properties and promotes healthy glowing skin.

All Ingredients

How To Use?

Just Take Two.


Features Of Our Products

100% Natural

Every product is carefully developed using all natural ingredients

NZ Made

We are 100% committed to making high quality products right here in New Zealand

Real Results

We stand by the results of our innovative products, clinically proven real results

Internal Cosmetic

We want you to enhance and protect your beauty from within

Cruelty Free

Our products have not been tested on animals

GMO Free

We provide quality products which are ecologically friendly