About Us

Our Story

The founder of Qt Internal Cosmetics, Callum, comes from a family with 45+ years history in the health and wellness industry. Inspired by his grandfather and mentor Warren (owner of the award-winning Australian health food company Morlife), Callum formulated this range of Internal Cosmetics so you can make a positive impact on your whole look. He knows that our skin needs more than creams and lotions in order to look fresh and vital, and wants you to feel good in your skin, every day.

Providing innovative solutions to skin care. That is our passion and why we’ve created our unique range of Internal Cosmetics. Our powerful blends of nutrients provide the body with what it needs to make real and long-lasting changes, building the results from within. We use a wide range of all‑natural, active ingredients that promote skin clarity, hair and nail strength, bone and joint strength plus more amazing benefits.

Qt wants you to have a freer lifestyle, looking and feeling healthy, knowing that true beauty starts from within.


Meet The Team

Callum Stewart Founder
Cowan Henderson Business Development Manager
Gau Kurman Marketing Manager
Sam Dunlay Marketing Co-Ordinator
Jane Joseph Chief Of Logistics
Andreas Sesun Territory Manager
Jean Cave Nutritional Expert
Gabi Nooij Creative Head
Plivia Alaba Creative