Our Story



The Internal Cosmetics Company - inspired by a revolutionary vision to redefine what it is to look and feel beautiful from the inside, out. Each product has a sense of airiness, lightness, and brightness developed with the perfect mix of world-class research, technological innovations, dedication, persistence, passion, family and commitment. 
Qt’s preciously made potions use the finest ingredients all of which are 100% natural, ethically sourced, and GMO Free - synergistically engineered for the most effective absorption into the body. The flavours pique the senses, and with each day that goes by the products magically transform your face to feel like spun silk, healing imperfections, and supporting your gut and digestion so you feel more energised with every scoop.
Expect elegantly strong nails, and luscious hair to go with your new enhanced signature look thanks to our unique keratin formulations. Nurture the totality of your being, because no look is more classic than your own! Be remembered for your irresistible magnetism and unforgettable aura. You are an icon.  Explore a world of Internal Cosmetics for him and her and give yourself the power to create your own beauty.