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For every $1 you spend with us you receive 10 points. These points can be saved over time to be redeemed for discount codes and fabulous products! There are also many other ways to earn bonus points, such as liking us on Facebook or referring a friend. So, join now and start saving those points!

Bonus Points

$1 = 10 points. Here are some ways to earn bonus points

Join Loyalty Program

200 points

Follow Us On Social

400 points

Refer A Friend

250 points

Treat Yourself

Here are the fabulous rewards you can spend your points on

$10 Gift Card 1500 pts
Free Encorē with purchase 3500 pts
50% off entire order 5000 pts
Free Bellē or Beaū 9000 pts
Full Package (Bellē or Beaū + Encorē) 11000 pts
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