5 anti-ageing tips

5 anti-ageing tips

There are more natural ways to look younger than botox and cosmetic surgery. Try incorporating a few of these habits into your daily routine to keep you looking fresh and boost your energy.

Your health and appearance can be influenced by your emotional and mental well‑being. While stress can be fine in the short term, chronic stress can cause a number of negative side effects, including:

  • Low energy
  • An upset stomach
  • Constant worrying and anxiety
  • Chest pain and rapid heartbeat
  • Aches, pains, and tense muscles
  • Loss of sexual desire and/or ability
  • Skin and hair problems, such as acne and hair loss

    Thankfully there are some easy ways that you can deal with stress such as deep breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. These techniques can benefit your body as well as your mind. Check out the variety of ways that you can manage stress here.

    Regular exercise is essential to successful ageing. It aids the maintenance of muscle mass and bone and joint strength and is also a great way to reduce stress.

    Certain types of exercise—such as yoga and pilates—can aid flexibility and postural awareness, imparting a youthful and alert appearance. Standing straight can also make you look and feel confident, which is a great way to improve your attractiveness regardless of your age.

    If you exercise outside on a sunny day wear sunglasses and hat. Squinting in the sun can cause crow's feet so make sure your sunglasses provide UV protection.

    Massage your face
    You can keep your complexion healthy by using a face massager or roller regularly. These nifty tools are said to help to relax the face, boost elasticity in the skin and stimulate cell turnover. They may also help the effectiveness of any lotions or serums that you use. This study found that an anti‑ageing cream was better at reducing fine lines in women who used a massager to apply it than those participants who only used their hands.

    If you use a face massager or roller make sure to clean it before and after each use so you don’t transfer dirt and bacteria to your skin.

    Sleep on your back
    Getting adequate sleep is important for your health and well-being (see our blog post about getting a good sleep here).

    However, sleeping in certain positions may result in sleep lines. Lying on your side (or face down) compresses and decreases circulation to one side of your face. The repetitive force and the prolonged stress on the face can lead to sleep lines turning into wrinkles. So, try to hit the sheets back‑side‑first. Not only will sleeping on your back help to prevent wrinkles, it can also decrease neck pain and pressure on your spine.

    Boost your intake of beneficial foods
    Getting enough essential nutrients and healthy fats can help to protect your skin and general health. Here’s some foods that care for your skin from the inside out:

    • Dark cocoa (at least 70% cocoa): The flavonols in dark cocoa are great for the skin. Participants in this study gained thicker, more hydrated skin after 12 weeks of consuming cocoa powder every day. Their skin was also smoother, 25% less sensitive to sunburn and had better blood flow—which brings more nutrients to your skin. Dark cocoa is also a source of manganese (which helps nutrient absorption) iron and calcium, and is rich in the skin‑loving vitamins A, B1, C, D and E.
    • Seaweed: Packed with natural skin care benefits, seaweed contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals that are uncommon in other foods. Because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties, seaweed may help to reduce any redness and swelling in the skin. 
      One sheet of nori contains the same amount of Omega 3’s as two avocados! It is also a good source of vitamin C. The fibre and sugars in seaweed feed the bacteria in your gut and increase the growth of ‘good’ bacteria. Plus, the iodine in seaweed can help to regulate the metabolism.
    • Omega 3 fatty acids: These 'good fats' help the skin retain moisture and consequently reduce the development of lines and wrinkles. You can find Omega 3’s in nuts and seeds, salmon, avocados, and flaxseed oil.
    • CollagenClinical trials have shown that patients who take collagen experience a decrease in wrinkles and an improvement in skin hydration. This trial showed a 20% reduction in wrinkles around the eye area from only 8 weeks of collagen supplementation. The anti-wrinkle effects lasted for at least a month after the subjects stopped taking collagen. Another trial in 2014 found that taking collagen daily over the course of 12 weeks led to a reduction in skin dryness and wrinkles. The researchers also observed a sizeable increase in collagen within the skin dermis. Taking collagen can also benefit your bones and joints, which is something to be mindful of as we get older. This 2017 study of postmenopausal women found that supplementing collagen peptides significantly improved their bone mineral density.

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    Liz August 1 2019

    I love all of this! I totally think yoga, pilates and isometrics are all worthwhile. It all depends on what works for you and what you enjoy.

    Andrea Wells July 10 2019

    Thanks for article – it’s given me the push I need to start meditating again (and drinking dark cocoa on the regular).

    Megan July 9 2019

    I’m definitely going to increase my intake of dark chocolate and avocado now LOL.

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