Be a queen of self-love

Bath bomb self care for mothers day

Owning your crown is crucial to positive personal growth and healthy relationships. When you love yourself deeply and fiercely you don’t need to look to others for validation. Self-love can also help you to push past your limiting beliefs and create a better life, and who doesn’t want that?

Here are 7 ways that you can be good to yourself this Queen’s Birthday and beyond:

Take care of your body

Eating healthy food, exercising regularly, taking time to relax and getting enough sleep are all important acts of self‑love. It is important to take time every day to incorporate small self-care rituals that you know benefit the health of your body and mind long term. Taking a bath with a Botanical bath bomb or stopping to relax with a glass of Bellē or Beaū are great ways to re-energise yourself while soaking up the health benefits. 

Fill your own well

Have you ever taken stock of the good things that naturally flow from within you? Acknowledging your positive attributes, talents, and skills can benefit the world around you. If you don’t know where to start, try this simple but effective exercise:

  1. Before you go to sleep, write down 3 things you like about yourself or did well during the day.
  2. The following morning read the list before you get up.
  3. Add three new things to your list every day, for 30 days.

Getting things off your mind before you go to bed is a great way to contribute towards better sleep

Pay attention to your soul

In order to have true and lasting well-being, you must care for the needs of our soul. Because we have so many notions about what we should and shouldn’t do, it can be easy to ignore what our instincts are telling us. When you make the time to tune in to what your soul wants and then act on it, you will find joy, creativity and purpose in your life. 

Forgive yourself

Everyone acts in ways that they later regret. Forgiving yourself for past mistakes will help you to keep your heart open to others and new experiences.

Set boundaries

Valuing your time and energy is crucial to self‑love. If you set boundaries that define what you can and cannot do, you’re more likely to be able to support those that you hold dear. The key is to make it clear that you are rejecting the request, not the person. Use firm but polite statements such as “It’s great to hear from you, but  I’m busy right now. Can I call you back later?”. Saying ‘no’ might take you out of your comfort zone but it can also earn you respect.

Surround yourself with beauty

The spaces that you spend a lot of time in can play a big part in how you feel. Consciously creating a pleasing environment at home or the office is a great way to practise self-love. Being mindful of the impact of what you can see, hear, smell and touch is vital to being happier, more focused and relaxed.

Act with grace

When you nurture a gracious mindset it makes it easier to find peace in your heart. Living in the moment costs nothing but can work wonders for your ability to cope with pressure and keep stress at bay. Practising a generosity of spirit, being compassionate to others and choosing to behave nobly benefits everyone, yourself included. 

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