Can men take collagen powder?

Collagen powder for men

Hydrolysed collagen is typically marketed as a beauty supplement for women, but really is so much more. Collagen supports the structures in the body that we don’t see, such as cell walls, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. 

So is it a good idea for men to take a collagen supplement? Absolutely! Especially when you consider that we don’t get a lot of collagen via our modern diets. For millions of years humans pretty much ate all of the animal, nose to tail, including bone marrow, skin, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and other parts rich in collagen. More recently, we have moved towards away from these collagen sources and towards select cuts of muscle meat. Based on what we know about human biochemistry, this is not necessarily good for the body. 

This is because the metabolism of the amino acids in muscle meat depletes the body’s glycine levels: collagen is roughly 30% glycine. Basically, the more meat you eat, the more collagen you need. A recent study found the participants that had low glycine levels and a high amount of meat in their diet were more likely to develop diabetes whereas the people with higher glycine levels but high meat intakes didn’t have any issues. This study found that low levels of glycine in the body indicated a higher risk of developing diabetes..

Apart from negating the risks from eating meat, collagen also supports our health in the following ways:

Keeps connective tissue strong: our ligaments, tendons, fascia and cartilage all benefit from taking collagen. To learn more, see our blog 'Treating tendon and ligament injuries'

Improves sleep: Collagen is loaded with glycine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter that calms the central nervous system and helps us to unwind, relax, and fall asleep. Studies have shown that glycine taken before bed can enhance sleep quality and lessen daytime drowsiness in people who don’t sleep well. 

May protect the skin from UV damage: Increased sun exposure can trigger a decrease in certain antioxidants and a rise in malondiaidehyde—a biomarker of skin damage. Taking collagen has been shown to increase the activity of antioxidants that protect the skin and block the formation of malondiaidehyde. 

Keeps the bones strong: It’s well known that calcium is important for bone strength, but collagen is too. This 12-month clinical study found that taking collagen can significantly increase bone mineral density. Plus it adds the flexibility to our bones that enables them to absorb normal wear and tear without breaking.

Collagen also aids joint movement. It has a jelly-like texture and covers the bones, helping them to move easily. And the ligaments, which stabilise our joints, contain collagen. Taking a collagen supplement can help to maintain their strength.

Does the type of collagen matter?

For a collagen supplement to be readily absorbed by the body, it’s important that it uses hydrolysed collagen, (a form of collagen with a smaller molecular weight than regular collagen) and includes vitamin C. 

Our collagen powder Beaū is designed specifically for men and contains collagen enhanced with vitamin Cmaca, blackseed and activated charcoal to not only improve the skin and hair, but also help with physical and mental stamina, protect against free radical damage and eliminate toxins in the gut. Build your health from the inside out with Qt Internal Cosmetics.

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