where does collagen come from hydrolysed marine collagen peptides

Where does collagen come from?

May 15 2020
We know that taking our daily dose of Bellē or Beaū produces beautifying effects on our skin, hair and nails, but have you ever wondered what collagen is and where it comes from? There are many different products in the market and ingestible beauty products claiming to do the same thing but you may be amazed to find out that there are 28 different types of collagen. Find the best ingestible beauty collagen with Qt Internal Cosmetics.
colouring competition nz 2020

Qt Colouring Sheets

April 23 2020
Needing a little more family fun? Downloadable colouring sheets to keep the kids occupied. Make a special Mother's Day card or enter our Qt Superhero Colouring Competition! Budding artists can submit their best entry and be in to win a lego set. 
Collagen powder for men

Can men take collagen powder?

April 17 2020

Hydrolysed collagen is typically marketed as a beauty supplement for women, but really is so much more. Collagen supports the structures in the body that we don’t see, such as cell walls, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. So is it a good idea for men to take a collagen supplement? Absolutely! Especially when you consider that we don’t get a lot of collagen via our modern diets.

Best supplements for men - MISTR

Best supplements for men - MISTR

April 12 2019
Beaū is featured on the new MISTR website!
A Cosmetic Revolution - Metropol

A Cosmetic Revolution - Metropol

March 21 2019

Metropol recently described the Qt range of Internal Cosmetics as a 'cosmetic revolution' and we agree! 


Age reversing love affair - Metropol

Age reversing love affair - Metropol

December 5 2018
Qt Internal Cosmetics have been featured in the award winning magazine Metropol!