Natural ways to treat hair loss

Natural ways to treat hair loss

Thinning hair and hair loss are common problems, but knowing that doesn’t make it any less disheartening. And while the reasons for hair loss can be simple or complex, there are some natural ways to help resolve it. Here are 5 proven treatments for stimulating hair growth and improving the condition of your hair.


A scalp massage increases blood flow (containing beneficial nutrients) to the roots of your hair and, according to this study, can boost hair growth.

Click here to learn how to massage your scalp.


Many people take ginseng to increase their energy levels but it can also help to counteract hair loss. This study found that ginsenosides—the active components in ginseng—can help to thicken hair.

Pumpkin seed oil

A 2014 study of men with male pattern baldness found that those who took 400 milligrams of pumpkin seed oil daily for 6 months experienced a 40% increase in average hair count. The men who took a placebo only experienced a 10% increase.

Rosemary oil

This randomised study of subjects with male or female pattern baldness demonstrated that rosemary helps protect against hair loss. The trial compared rosemary oil with minoxidil (also known as Rogaine). The outcome showed that rosemary oil was just as effective as minoxidil at regrowing hair. Plus, the side effect of itchy scalp was more pronounced in the subjects that used minoxidil.

To use rosemary oil, put a few drops into a carrier oil (such as almond or sunflower oil) and massage it into your hair and scalp before rinsing. Do this a few times per week. You could also add a few drops of rosemary oil to your shampoo.

Note: Using undiluted essential oils can irritate the skin. Do not put rosemary oil directly onto your scalp; always mix it into a carrier oil or shampoo.


Taking a collagen supplement has been proven to help hair growth in men and women. This study found that collagen was successful in promoting hair growth and decreasing hair loss in women with thinning hair.

In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study, healthy men with thinning hair either received collagen or a placebo twice daily. After 180 days, the subjects that took the collagen supplement had a decrease in hair loss, and thicker hair.

The other advantage with taking a collagen supplement is that it can also help with the health of your skin, nails, bones and joints.

The upshot

You don’t have to spend a fortune on chemical‑laden products if you want to improve your hair. Using one or two of the above treatments will help, however it may take a couple of months of consistent use to get noticeable results. In the meantime, it pays to remember that your family and friends love you for who you are, not for how much hair you have.

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