Qt – the ideal Xmas gift

Qt – the ideal Xmas gift

Christmas is an awesome time of the year. From the fun gatherings with family and friends to the scrummy food and the visit from Santa, there’s a lot to like! However, finding gifts for everyone that will be pleasing and unique can be a challenge. Before you spend hours trailing around the shops hoping to spot ‘the perfect gift’, find out how Qt can help.

For him

The trick to buying gifts for the men in your life is to think of something that they wouldn’t normally purchase themselves. This is where Beaū and Encorē for him come in. They are a great gift either on their own or as part of a grooming kit. (Is he concerned about hair loss? Our collagen-based formulas are great for reducing shedding and growing stronger hair.) Help him to live his best life with Qt Internal Cosmetics for his skin, hair, muscles, and more.

For her

Some of the best gifts are the ones that get used every day and can make a real impact on someone’s appearance and health. Bellē and Encorē are great for those on-the-go ladies in your life who need a simple and convenient way to care for their skin, hair and nails. Help her glow with our Internal Cosmetic formulas of collagen, nourishing botanicals, vitamins and minerals that can help to soften lines and calm stressed skin.

For the health nut

Qt Internal Cosmetics can also be a good present for athletic, clean‑eating friends. There is plenty to appreciate in our unique formulas and their benefits go way beyond better skin, hair and nails, to include:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Help in building muscle (when in taken alongside an exercise routine)
  • Speeding up recovery from tendon and ligament injuries

All of our Internal Cosmetics are sugar‑free and keto‑friendly.

For the older (and wiser!)

Show how much the seniors in your life mean to you by supporting their vitality and wellness. As we age our ability to make collagen reduces, and we start to feel niggles in our joints, gut problems and muscle loss. However, our bodies can quickly absorb and use the hydrolysed collagen and other active ingredients in our Internal Cosmetics, which may help with:

  • Strengthening bones
  • Reducing joint pain and swelling
  • Firming up tendons and ligaments
  • Easing digestion issues

For teens

Remember that it’s okay to give more than 1 person the same gift. His and her Encorē are perfect stocking‑stuffers for teenage nieces and nephews who want to improve the health of their skin.

Homemade gifts

Everyone loves homemade gifts, and homemade food! There is something special in receiving a gift that you know someone put time into creating for you. Why not make some collagen‑infused treats such as our Passionfruit bliss balls, or Chocolate collagen brownies to share with the people you love this year? 

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